Profin Financial Solutions comprises a team of independent professionals who, collectively, provide an extensive range of financial services and solutions coupled with expert advice. In a world of impulse purchases and instant information, there are decisions worth consideration and reflection and life events for which planning is essential. Profin financial planners, corporate specialists, Short Term and Healthcare Brokers are able to assist in choosing the most appropriate products through holistic financial planning and guidance. Profin Financial Solutions offers a broad range of solutions in both the personal and corporate areas.

Choosing a partner to manage investments and plan for life changing events can be a daunting task, but Profin Financial Solutions recognises the need for qualified, experienced and skilled consultants to ensure that strategic goals and needs are met. The team focus is on professional holistic advice with personal service whilst maintaining the highest levels of honesty, integrity and confidentiality. We are continuously striving to enhance client experience through market research and ensuring that we have the most appropriate product and benefits for our clients.

Profin Financial Solutions is licensed to offer financial solutions and products from leading suppliers in the financial services sector thus ensuring that each client receives best of class benefits together with personalised advice.

Profin Financial Services is centrally located at Profin House in Heugh Road, Port Elizabeth and has consistently earned high accolades from clients and product providers in the financial services sector. Profin has been actively involved, on both a local and national level, with various financial intermediary associations since it was established by Carlo Dutton and Rob Lansdell in 1998. The company has since grown into a leader in the financial solutions sector offering a comprehensive range of financial solutions and a full compliment of products to suit every client requirement.

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Financial Planning


Working with our clients to determine and understand their personal needs and setting achievable financial objectives. We conduct holistic reviews of their financial circumstances, advise them of the most appropriate investment vehicle through which to achieve their objectives and, critically, ensure the efficient implementation of their investment strategy through an over-arching investment solution.

  • Retirement Planning
  • Unit Trusts
  • Bespoke Share Porfolios
  • Offshore Unit Trusts
  • Money Market Funds
  • Preservation Funds

Risk Benefits

The harsh reality is that, every day, South Africans are being diagnosed with and dying from dread diseases. The good news is that medical advances are helping us to live longer and survive previously unsurvivable illness. The bad news is that the costs involved in surviving these can be substantial and can have a severe impact on your savings. The financial risk therefore is not in dying from one of these critical illnesses but rather in surviving these illnesses.Risk planning is part of an holistic, solution-focused approach to financial planning and we pride ourselves on assisting our clients in insuring against unforeseen risks that cannot be managed. These unforeseen risks are dying, becoming disabled or contracting a dread disease prior to retirement – all of which will impact negatively on your ability to accumulate capital for retirement as well as interrupting the income flow required by you or your dependents.

  • Severe Illness Cover
  • Life Cover
  • Income Protection
  • Disability Benefits

Meet the Team

Craig Holmes – Advisor and Key Individual

Craig is a second generation industry professional, having followed in his father’s footsteps by joining Liberty Life in 2001. Craig has worked for the following industry partners during his 17 years in the industry: Liberty Life, Allan Gray, Nedgroup Investments, Warwick Financial Maturity, Grant Thornton and subsequently Profin whom he joined for the first time in 2010. Craig specialises in holistic financial planning with a specific focus on Living Insurance, Pre-retirement planning, Post-retirement planning, long term wealth generation and goal achievement. Craig is a Profin Key Individual and department HOD for Financial Planning.<

Contact: Craig Holmes │craig@profinbrokers.co.za │(+27)41 501 5300

Short Term Insurance

In our consumer-driven society, the accumulation of assets, valuables and property increases our risk of loss and losing financial stability. Short Term Insurance enables you to manage those risks through a partnership with an insurer for an annual or monthly premium. Short Term Insurance includes vehicle, property, household, personal liability, travel and commercial insurance, ensuring you are not left with the cost of replacing lost or stolen items yourself. Short Term means that your insurance lasts for the period that it is needed and allows for changing requirements over time. Profin’s Short Term Insurance team is well equipped to meet your insuring needs. They understand that you see value in a broker, offering a variety of solutions coupled with expert advice. Each client is personally evaluated based on a risk profile and their individual needs, assisting you in choosing the correct insurance product and company. Reviewing an assortment of quotes can be daunting and confusing, but using an experienced and informed broker will ensure that the correct choices are made and that you are thoroughly aware of the inclusions and exclusions of each policy. Profin hosts a wide range of insurance products offered by a variety of product partners. Some product partners are well known to the insuring public; whereas others may offer unique products, tailor-made to suit certain risks. We consider ourselves as your risk partners and offer more than just the bottom line.


Car Insurance - What you need to know

Meet the Team

Samantha Heine – Advisor and Key Individual

Samantha Heine has an extensive claims background and Short Term Insurance product knowledge. With the wide range of products on offer, she will assist you in selecting the cover that is most suited to your needs, goals and objectives. While the insurance premium is always important, it is critical to ensure appropriate cover without sacrificing important benefits, so “apples with apples” comparisons are imperative.

Contact: Samantha Heine │sam@profinbrokers.co.za │(+27)41 501 5300

Cathy Leedo – Advisor and Key Individual

Cathy comes with a wealth of industry experience, having worked with Personal and Commercial Product Providers since 1985. She owned her own FSP for 15 years until joining Profin in 2017 as a Key Individual in the Short Term Department. Her in depth knowledge and extensive claims background will ensure that clients are assisted with selecting a unique package and their individual needs are met.

Contact: Cathy Leedo │cathy@profinbrokers.co.za │(+27)41 501 5300

Health Care

A core issue in financial planning is the need for a stable medical aid. There are a variety of factors to examine when considering health insurance such as day-to-day medical expenses, hospital visits, medication and comprehensive plans. There are a number of options available but are you, as the client, aware of the benefits, growth, cover for prescribed minimum benefits and, most importantly, the exclusions of each option? It can be an overwhelming and frustrating task to wade through all the various solutions of each medical aid. The need for professional assistance is not only helpful, but vital. Profin ensures that all medical aids represented have been thoroughly researched and independently rated with the Global Credit Rating, an autonomous company that rates medical aids on their claims paying ability. It is imperative that, when looking at a medical aid, that the sustainability, reserves and the size of the medical scheme are taken into account. The large open schemes have the negotiating power to reduce rates due to volume with providers such as doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies. This has a direct effect on your pocket. Profin takes into account your individual needs and recommends medical options best suited to those needs.

Meet the Team

Carol Lansdell – Healthcare

Carol’s extensive health, law and financial background ensures that you always receive the best advice and are kept up-to-date on all the latest innovations in the Health Care field. The Health Care team is always ready to take a personal interest and advise based on each client’s individual needs.

Contact: Carol Lansdell │carol@profinbrokers.co.za │(+27)41 501 5300 │(+27)84 207 9956

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits is about providing the correct products and service solutions to the most important people to your business – your employees. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to help your employees to select a suitable retirement option. Profin can assist you in choosing the most suitable retirement plan for your valued employees. Be it a provident fund, pension fund or individual retirement annuity, Profin is able to offer expert advice in this important decision. In an ever changing environment, peppered with legislature and policy, this decision requires careful guidance and expert knowledge to ensure you and your employees enjoy a stable and beneficial result year after year. Profin offers an holistic approach to employee benefits, evaluating your needs and requirements to provide a solution that works best for you, and your employees.

  • Retirement Planning
  • Investments
  • Pension Funds
  • Provident Funds
  • Risk Benefits
  • Group Life
  • Group Funeral
  • Group Benefits for Employer and Employee

Meet the Team

Carlo Dutton – Principle and Employee Benefits

Carlo, a founding member of Profin, has spent the last 18 years in the insurance industry of the Eastern Cape, gaining a broad knowledge of all spheres of the financial sector. Whilst maintaining his focus on financial planning, Carlo has guided the Profin team into the relatively new field of Employee Benefits, allowing Profin to offer a full spectrum of services and solutions to each client.

Contact Carlo for all your Employee Benefits requirements

Contact: Carlo Dutton│carlo@profinbrokers.co.za │(+27)41 501 5300 | (+27)82 321 1575