Meet The Team

  • Rob Lansdell – Broker Principle and Key Individual

    Rob is one of the founding members of Profin, has completed a variety of qualifications including a National Certificate in Wealth Management and in 2011 completed a Certificate in Leadership Development program at NQF7 with the Wits Business School. Rob also recently passed his Regulatory Exams for Key Individuals and Representatives. Rob has served on a number of boards and was elected as director and vice president of LUASA (Association of Professional Financial Planners) in 2008. He has also served as a director of the FIA (Financial International Association of South Africa) and as branch chairman of the IBC (Independent Broker Council) He has been involved with education, training and development for many years and serves on the FIA National Training Committee and is a Sector Skills and Skills Development Facilitator. He was contracted to the Insurance Sector and Education Authority (Inseta) as a Regional Advisor for approximately 8 years between 2002 and 2011. Rob’s extensive industry knowledge and involvement in the financial sector of South Africa is an invaluable asset to both the company and to you, the client.

    Contact: Rob Lansdell │ │(+27)41 501 5300

  • Carlo Dutton – Key individual, Financial Planning and Employee Benefits

    Carlo, a founding member of Profin, has spent the last 18 years in the insurance industry of the Eastern Cape, gaining a broad knowledge of all spheres of the financial sector. Whilst maintaining his focus on financial planning, Carlo has guided the Profin team into the relatively new field of Employee Benefits, allowing Profin to offer a full spectrum of services and solutions to each client.Contact Carlo for all your Employee Benefits requirements

    Contact: Carlo Dutton│ │(+27)41 501 5300 | (+27)82 321 1575

Financial Planning

Short Term Insurance

Advisor & Key Individual

Samantha Heine

Samantha Heine has an extensive claims background and Short Term Insurance product knowledge. With the wide range of products on offer, she will assist you in selecting the cover that is most suited to your needs, goals and objectives. While the insurance premium is always important, it is critical to ensure appropriate cover without sacrificing important benefits, so “apples with apples” comparisons are imperative.

Contact: Samantha Heine│ │(+27)41 501 5300

Advisor & Key Individual

Cathy Leedo

Cathy comes with a wealth of industry experience, having worked with Personal and Commercial Product Providers since 1985. She owned her own FSP for 15 years until joining Profin in 2017 as a Key Individual in the Short Term Department. Her in depth knowledge and extensive claims background will ensure that clients are assisted with selecting a unique package and their individual needs are met.

Contact: Cathy Leedo │(+27)41 501 5300

Advisor and Key Individual

Carole Schulz

Carole has been in the Short Term Insurance industry for over 30 years and has a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise, in not only the personal and business aspects of short term insurance, but in the corporate and public sector as well. Carole managed the local Indwe Risk Services Branch for 9 years and before that she was the Branch Manager for the local Alexander Forbes Insurance office for 8 years. Carole joined Profin in 2017 as a Key Individual and Authorised Representative in our Short Term Department bringing with her invaluable experience and expertise. Carole’s experience and expertise translates into exceptional client service and enables her to provide our clients with the best possible solutions to all their short term insurance needs.

Contact: Carole Schulz│


Heather Dutton

Claims Administrator

Natasha Lamprecht

Medical Aid

Medical Aid Advisor And Key Individual

Carol Lansdell

Carol’s extensive health, law and financial background ensures that you always receive the best advice and are kept up-to-date on all the latest innovations in the Health Care field. The Health Care team is always ready to take a personal interest and advise based on each client’s individual needs.

Contact: Carol Lansdell│ │(+27)41 501 5300 │(+27)84 207 9956